The estimated power of destruction bound up in a hydrogen bomb causes us to gasp if we really let the thought penetrate our minds, if we think of bomb matching bomb over some imaginary battlefield. What nation is really properly “equipped”?

Football helmets and suits come with complicated padding these days. Technology provides deep-sea divers with more and more complicated equipment to delve into the depths, and spacemen soar off into the atmosphere surrounded by tested equipment from the skin out. We travel in fully equipped cars and stay home in fully equipped houses.

People press to be equipped at least as well as their friends and colleagues. It takes longer and longer to be prepared for whatever we are preparing for because the preparation gets increasingly complicated, and the future keeps getting pushed further off. One can imagine that before long people will be waddling on through life so weighed down with equipment and bound up in it that they will forget what they were getting ready for and never even arrive at the starting place! The complexity of technical equipment, educational equipment, psychological equipment, makes some people fear to do anything without spending “one more year” getting ready, or earning enough to buy the “latest,” before starting.

It is not only interesting but very important to consider how God has equipped the people to whom he has given especially difficult tasks at crisis moments of history. When men equip men, they attempt to equalize the equipment so as to match the opponent in battle or confrontation. God’s way has been different.

When we are told in First Corinthians 1:27 that God has chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things that are mighty, and the foolish to confound ...

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