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July 15 1996, 1996
Volume 40, Number 8
July 15
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Risky Business
EDITORIAL: Ministry in the Real World Order
The cold war is over, but hate is prospering. What is the church to do?
EDITORIAL: Burned, but Not Consumed
A response to the black church arsons.
Why the Psalms Scare Us
In these poems of Scripture, you'll find rage, loneliness, and fear—in other words, you'll find yourself
ARTICLE: Saving the Safety Net
The proper aim of welfare reform should be to get people out of poverty, not just off the public dole.
From the Fringe to the Fold
How the Worldwide Church of God discovered the plain truth of the gospel.
SIDEBAR: When Your Church Says It’s Wrong
ARTICLE: Tolerance Without Compromise
Christian engagement in an era of political rancor.
BOOKS: Getting Evangelicals into the Church
The heresy of individualism.
BOOKS: Hymns for the Politically Correct
Hallelujah to the All-inclusive One.
The Suffering Church
Increasingly, Christians are harassed, arrested, interrogated, imprisoned, fined, or killed because of their religious beliefs and practices.
Foes, Backers Seeks Common Ground
Christians, Jews Form Coalition
SBC Targets Clinton, Disney, Jews
Lutheran, Catholic, and Black Churches Join Graham Effort
Crusade's final event draws 95,000.
Palau Preached to a Preoccupied Metropolis
Evangelist Sets Sights on U.S. Latinos
YANCEY: Confessions of a Spiritual Amnesiac
No minister had prepared me for God's absence.