Paid Content When Your Calling Is Challenged
As hardships come, you have 1 of 3 options.
When Your Calling Is Challenged
Image: Christina @ / Unsplash

This was not how things were supposed to work out.

Every night for a year, my husband and I had prayed that God would direct us to the right place in his right timing. Based on our own prayers as well as confirmation from others, it seemed that the “right place” would ...

Paid Content What Is Calling?
Defining this “super-spiritual” word
What Is Calling?
Image: Photo by MD Duran / Unsplash

I can’t remember when I first heard the term calling. I just know that by the time I got to seminary at age twenty-four, I was using the word to describe why I was there and why I picked the particular seminary I attended.

Why did I come to this seminary? Simple. “God ...

Paid Content Cultivate Your Calling in Each Stage of Life
Angie Ward discusses cultivating leadership amid ever-changing responsibilities.
Cultivate Your Calling in Each Stage of Life
Image: You X Ventures / Unsplash

Angie Ward, author of the recently published I Am a Leader, has 30 years of leadership experience in diverse roles in ministry. I was excited to talk with Angie about how our calling shifts through the various seasons of life.

Should I Stay or Should I Go?
How to know whether to leave or stay in your ministry context.
Should I Stay or Should I Go?
Image: SIphotography/Getty

“You’re called in until you’re called out.” I’ll never forget the words my mentor spoke over me when I found myself at a crossroads, wondering if I should stay or go in ministry.

My calling in had been clear: after four years of teaching high school ...

Why I Chose Seminary
Equipping for the challenges and blessings of being called.
Why I Chose Seminary
Image: Phil Boorman/Getty

For many women leaders, we must be more highly educated than our male counterparts to receive the same acknowledgment of our calling and equipping. That has certainly been true in my experience.

I grew up in a liminal time in my home church. The conversation around women leaders ...

Women and Criticism
Why it’s especially hard for women to take critique and how to discern what to do with it.
Women and Criticism
Image: Martin Novak/Getty

I hate criticism.

Not because I think I’ve arrived.

But because I fear I never will.

There are some personality and family issues at work there, but it also has something to do with the challenge of being a female leader. When I hear criticism, even from well-meaning people, ...

Jumping with God into Children’s Ministries
Ministering to children as the fully spiritually aware, intuitive thinkers they are.
Jumping with God into Children’s Ministries
Image: Ariel Skelley/Getty

Much can happen when we learn to equip and empower the children among us. For one woman in ministry, it’s not so much about children learning from grown-ups, but it’s about grown-ups learning from children. Samantha Trimble, Director of Children’s Ministry ...

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