NAE's Rich Cizik says neither Bush nor McCain understand evangelicals

Religious sniping between Republican presidential candidates George Bush and John McCain show neither "are not able to understand religion in American politics," Rich Cizik, Washington director of the National Association of Evangelicals tells the Associated Press. "Those of us working in the religious community can only stand back and shake our heads." The NAE is currently holding its annual convention.

School Prayer goes back to the Supreme Court

Does student-led, student-initiated prayer at football games violates the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment? The Supreme Court will hear arguments March 29.

'God' won't get airtime on some NBC stations

Half a dozen television stations in Louisiana, Mississippi, Idaho, and Utah say they won't air the new animated NBC series "

God, the Devil, and Bob.

" No word yet on specific qualms with the show, but the plot has Bob as the center of a dispute between God and Satan over whether humankind is worth saving. ( The Washington Post has a thorough, but outdated story on the controversy.) There's also no word on whether or not they'll air a series about Job …

Prodigal Son Michael English Prodigal Again (second story)

About a year ago, the Nashville-based newspaper The Tennessean reported, " Christian music welcomes Michael English back after affair." The singer had been "banished" for an affair with another Christian recording artist, but was making a cautious comeback in Christian circles. His first Christian album since the affair was revealed was to be released March 28, and his first single, "Heaven to Earth," is already in some Christian radio stations' rotations. However, English is now under police investigation for prescription drug abuse. CCM reports that Christian radio stations and companies have come to differing conclusions about how to react.

Promise Keepers charging again for conferences

After offering its men's conferences for free since its massive 1997 "Stand in the Gap" Washington, D.C., rally, the organization will start charging again. ""The return to charging a fee for conferences comes from earnest prayer and evaluation," founder and president Bill McCartney said in a press release. "Also our attendees have been asking us to return to a fee-based conference."

And don't even get me started on Britney Spears …

A San Antonio, Texas, Christian school, which has a ban on "involvement with inappropriate music," suspended four students for attending a Backstreet Boys concert last Wednesday. The mother of one of the students (a high school senior who was due to graduate in three months) has withdrawn her son from the school. The real question is What was a high school senior boy was doing at a Backstreet Boys concert?

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The believers in Thessaloniki

In January, about 200 Christians in Athens burned the bestseller M to the Power of N, which describes a sexual relationship between Jesus and Mary Magdelene. Yesterday, a hearing was held in Thessaloniki as critics try to use the legal process to halt sale of the book.

Capitol gets labyrinths for Lent

Sandra Wasko-Flood, an artist from Alexandria, Virginia., is designing labyrinths—curved pathways designed for meditation—for the Capitol's East Lawn. They should open Monday. "For Christians, the connection is with Christ's redemption of mankind, which is a kind of transformation," she tells The Boston Globe. Insert your own Congress-as-maze joke here.

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