Twenty killed in Nigerian Christian village
Herdsmen armed with guns, clubs, machetes, and arrows attacked the northern Nigeria city of Turu, killing 20. Police, who recovered Islamic literature from the attackers, say they believe the attack was retaliation for deaths during religious riots in Jos last September. If so, this is why they invented the term overkill: huge numbers of both Christians and Muslims died during those riots. The death toll reportedly rose as high as 1,000.

Indonesian churches bombed on New Year's Eve
Four churches in Indonesia's Central Sulawesi province exploded New Year's Eve—three of them at the stroke of midnight. Fortunately, even though 200 people were in one of the churches at the time, none were hurt. (A nearby policeman was wounded in another blast.) Depending on the news source, police have already arrested two or three suspects in the blasts.

After Christian Coalition's race case, more trouble If you can't get the story first, say journalists, get it better. The Washington Times does just that in its coverage of the racial discrimination case filed against the Christian Coalition. The Associated Press/Washington Postreported the settlement of the case on Saturday, but today's Washington Times story is full of juicy tidbits. For starters, it has an unconfirmed settlement figure: $325,000—reportedly more than 10 percent of the organization's annual budget these days. Candace Wheeler, the former assistant to Coalition president Roberta Combs, says she's dismayed by the settlement: "It is another injustice, because what these women are saying [about being discriminated against because they were black] is true. Roberta needs to make a public apology." But Combs isn't off the hook. ...

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