Teacher in China stabbed to death at Christian meeting
Bruce Emerson Morrison, an instructor at the Hubei Institute of Technology in central China's Wuhan city, was stabbed to death by a mentally ill friend at a church youth meeting early Saturday afternoon. The New Orleans native had been teaching at the school for the past seven years, and lived in Wuhan with his pregnant wife and six daughters. "Gong [Zhili, Morrison's attacker,] has mental problems," says an official at the Three-Self Patriotic Movement Committee of Protestant Churches of Wuhan. "They had frequent contacts at church initially. But later Morrison said maybe he did not want to talk to him as often as before, so their friendship was estranged."

Christianity and the Internet:
More news on the Christian Internet front: Gaylord Entertainment, which shut down its Gaylord Digital operations in December, announced that it found a buyer for Lightsource.com, the Christian content partner for Yahoo!'s streaming media site Broadcast.com. (The AP emphasizes the site's Christian music aspect, but it's more focused on programs like Focus on the Family and other radio broadcasts.) It will now be run by the similar LifeAudio.com, which has recently been focusing on getting local church sermons online in streaming audio. Meanwhile, in a profile of Christianity.com, CEO David Davenport tells UPI, "We expect to turn a profit in the first quarter of next year." Read more on the for-profit Christian boom and bust this Friday at ChristianityToday.com in our story "Is God.com Dead?"

Religion and politics:

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