Graham joined Nixon in anti-Jewish comments in 1972 Oval Office meeting
"Like all human relationships, mine with Richard Nixon was bittersweet," evangelist (and Christianity Today founder) Billy Graham writes in his autobiography, Just As I Am. In fact, Graham was reportedly closer to Nixon than any other president—and got burned for it.

Graham's relationship with Nixon continues to burn him. Here's the damning headline in today's Chicago Tribune: "Nixon, Graham anti-Semitism on tape." Yesterday, the National Archives released 500 hours of White House tapes from 1972. Among them was a conversation Nixon and Graham had after a February 1 prayer breakfast.

Graham was especially concerned about perceived Jewish control of the media, and blames them for "putting out the pornographic stuff." "This stranglehold has got to be broken or the country's going down the drain," he told Nixon.

Graham's biographer, William Martin, tells the Tribune he's stunned. "This is out of character with anything else I have heard Billy Graham say or be quoted as saying. It is disappointing."

Graham isn't responding to the story. His spokesman, Larry Ross, only said that the evangelist isn't feeling well and doesn't recall the conversation.

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