Rwanda's archbishop offers protection and support to Canadian Anglicans
Emmanuel Kolini says churches in the West are facing a spiritual genocide. He doesn't use the term lightly—as the Anglican archbishop of Rwanda and bishop of Kigali, Kolini is trying to heal the country from a physical genocide that left 800,000 Tutsis dead.

Two years ago, believing that many Episcopalians in the U.S. were being led astray or persecuted by unorthodox leaders, Kolini (along with Archbishop of Singapore Moses Tay) ordained two Americans as missionary bishops, launching the Anglican Mission in America. But as Tay retired shortly thereafter, Kolini bore the brunt of criticism from other Anglican bishops worldwide, including Archbishop of Canterbury George Carey, a self-described evangelical who heads the church.

Now Kolini is reaching out to Canadians as well. Things have heated up in the Diocese of New Westminster since it voted to bless same-sex unions. Bishop Michael Ingham has given an ultimatum to conservatives in the diocese, asking them to inform him in writing by tomorrow whether they'll submit to his authority.

Stand firm, Kolini has told the orthodox Canadians. "We fully understand that this compromise of the Gospel constitutes a serious violation of your firmly-based and deeply-held religious convictions and conscience," he said in a letter to the parishes. "We deeply regret the threats toward you and numerous others concerning your clerical licenses. Please know that we will not recognize any such efforts. We are also willing to share with others the possibility of ecclesiastical protection."

Asked about Kolini's letter by The National Post, Ingham replied, "He has no jurisdiction in Canada." Still, says the Post, the Anglican ...

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