"In every classroom in the state [of California, students are] being taught homosexual propaganda and these other politically correct, postmodern views."

James Dobson, recommending that parents remove their children from California's public schools.

"Perhaps as a sick man he may have sought out the miracle worker from Galilee, or perhaps seen the crucifixion at Golgotha from his window."

Simon Gibson, British archaeologist, on the discovery of a 2,000-year-old body found in a tomb near Jerusalem.

"We had to abandon that bit of the filming, but we went on to burn Ridley and Latimer without any problems."

Rob Carey, television producer, after an actor was singed re-creating the fiery martyrdom of English reformer Thomas Cranmer.

"It should be considered blasphemous, to say the least, to consider it possible that epidemic ailments could be transferred through Holy Communion and endanger human life."

The Greek Orthodox Diocese of Athens, responding to reports that a deadly virus was spreading at local churches.

Sources: Focus on the Family, The Daily Telegraph, BBC

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