NYC Christian radio station dumps show of Jew who works against Jews for Jesus
Salem broadcasting's WMCA, one of New York's largest Christian radio stations, pulled the plug on the Tovia Singer Show — hosted by a non-Christian Jew who works against Christian missionaries.

Singer calls himself an "anti-missionary," and his Outreach Judaism organization claims to "rescue" Jews from Jews for Jesus and other evangelistic organizations.

In a letter explaining the cancellation, obtained by the Associated Press, station general manager Carl J. Miller said that listeners' knowledge of Singer's "'anti-Christian missionary' efforts is problematic … given WMCA's primary commitment to our core audience, I simply cannot allow that particular broadcast to continue."

Singer blames "a full court press" by Jews for Jesus. "With all the breast-beating and loud 'We love the Jews and Israel' slogans emanating from the conservative Christian world these days, I didn't want to believe that this could happen — at least not now," Singer says on his website.

Only nine shows aired, from June 26 to August 28—all of them, including his earlier shows on another station, are archived on his site.

Take a look at Singer's website, especially the questions area. The real question is why a Christian radio station put him on the air in the first place.

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