Kenyan bishop, Texas church attacked, apparently by gay activists
Conservative Anglican and Episcopalian bloggers are abuzz this week over two apparent hate crimes against orthodox opponents of gay bishops in the church. The two stories are unrelated and separated by 4,811 miles, but distressing nonetheless.

The first story comes from London, where two Church of England clergymen assaulted Anglican Church of Kenya Bishop Simon Oketch in London for opposing Gene Robinson, according to the East African Standard of Nairobi.

While he was walking down the street toward a church conference he was attending, Oketch told the newspaper, the two clergymen approached him and asked him where he was from.

"When I said I was from Kenya, they expressed anger and asked me to discuss an issue with them before I could continue with my journey," Oketch said. "One of them said they were saddened by the stand taken by the Anglican Church in Kenya and other countries over the appointment of the gay bishop. I told them we could not budge on the issue and that we will oppose it to the end because it is un-Christian."

It was then that the men grabbed him, verbally abused him, and threatened to beat him up when onlookers pulled them off of him.

"I did not have any fear being in the United Kingdom because Anglican clergymen in this country have never indicated their support for this kind of behavior," Oketch said.

The confrontation was condemned in the Kenyan church by bishops Beneah Salalah, who called for an apology from the British government, and by Thomas Kogo, who reiterated the Kenyan church's solidarity on the issue of homosexual bishops.

Two days before the assault on Bishop Oketch, vandals attacked and set fire to the Episcopal Church of the Holy ...

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