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July 2003
Volume 47, Number 7
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Table of Contents
"The land of SUVs and soccer leagues tends to weather the soul in peculiar ways, but it doesn't have to"
PCUSA conservatives turn back liberal challenges
Growing numbers of businesses count intercessors as a corporate asset
"But hastily called meeting fails to include Franklin Graham, Falwell, and Robertson"
Worldwide Church of God seeks a new start in the face of fresh opposition
Latest Benke ruling reveals deep fissures among Missouri Synod Lutherans
Christians see churches—and opposition—grow among Sikhs
Thirteen missionaries fired and twenty resign over the Baptist Faith and Message
Draft fails to acknowledge Europe's Christian heritage
"An interview with R. Stephen Warner, sociologist of religion at University of Illinois at Chicago"
You learn a lot about someone through fly fishing
"Recent comments on praying in school, rebuilding Iraq, and playing paintball"
Hazing is common in church youth groups
Wearing the Christian symbol can be a problem in places like Saudi Arabia and Pennsylvania
The new Talking Bible contains all of the New Testament on one cassette
"Within 48 hours, a supermarket chain pulls shoes with Jesus' image from the shelves"
The costs of in vitro fertilization are moral and spiritual—not just financial
"Some morals are absolute, but they are not ultimate"
Quotations to Stir Heart and Mind
"Going nuclear, North Korea allows worship only of its dictator"
What role does baptism play in faith and salvation?
Forget briefly its immorality—it's just bad law
"Lauren Winner's spiritual journey is an invaluable—and, to some, unsettling—reminder of where we came from"
John Updike has made a career of writing the most theological novels in America
Jim Carrey plays God with unholy flair in a movie that is Judeo-Christian to its bones
Blue Like Jazz resonates with readers who grapple with the paradoxes of faith
Norman Wright's Helping Those Who Hurt guides readers in encouraging loved ones
"In Power Failure, Albert Bergmann looks at Christianity in a culture of technology"
"Simple activities bind families together and deepen their relationship with God, says the author of Sacred Stories of Ordinary Families"
Nineteen books by founder sold to Worldwide Church of God splinter group
We should take heed when much of the world says it distrusts us
A look at one of the most creative youth ministries in Hong Kong—if not the world
Breakthrough reacted quickly when the disease hit Hong Kong.
Christians recoil at explosive growth of frozen human embryos
Prison Fellowship releases InnerChange research at a White House roundtable
New sociological studies show that evangelicals may well succeed at renewing wayward Protestantism
Historic Chicago homeless shelter is under siege by City Hall
Prayer in Jesus' name forbidden in California legislative meetings
Chaldean Christians connect with other believers
"Arrested in 1998, Aslam Masih is released from prison because of a lack of evidence"
Christians oppose embedding Islamic tribunals in Kenya's new constitution
The International Missions Board Lays off 37 and leaves 24 positions open
Today's evangelicals are committed to peace—not just security—for Israel
Quotations to stir the heart and mind on the open road
A conservative Christian makes the case for animal mercy in Dominion
Why we should sink our roots in the places we call home
"The Unauthorized Guide to Choosing a Church leads church hunters through the liturgy, the lingo, and the lunacy."
Why we still need heresy trials
Gay activism is not just found in liberal churches
Report by whistleblowers to Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability prompts CRI employees to reimburse funds
Court challenge to new law expected
Bishops worldwide chastise Canadian bishop who approved gay unions
Conservatives say decision could put pressure on dissenting churches
The director of World Inquiry talks about the challenges and priorities of the evangelical missions community
A veteran peacemaker discusses how religion can help stave off religious conflict after Saddam
Jury says creator of VeggieTales owes $11 million to ex-distributor
Two astronomers determine the time when Jesus died and rose
"After 20 summers of love, the Cornerstone Festival still opens doors for unknown musicians and unlocks truth for hungry minds"
Free at Last: Andrew Brunson Released by Turkey After Two Years
Free at Last: Andrew Brunson Released by Turkey After Two Years
American pastor was imprisoned on false charges of terrorism.