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Religious discrimination:

  1. House passes jobs training bill | Religious groups that receive federal funds to provide job training services could refuse to hire workers with different beliefs under legislation the House passed Thursday (Associated Press)

  2. US quietly eases rules for faith-based groups | The nation's leading job training program told to allow faith-based organizations to use ''sacred literature,'' such as Bibles, in their federally funded programs (The Boston Globe)

  3. New law will ban religious or sexual discrimination | Case law forbids workplace discrimination against Jews and Sikhs, and the legislation extends similar protection to Muslims (The Independent, London)

  4. Cross over a cross | Overreacting to an employee's religious jewelry (Editorial, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)

  5. Also: Pennsylvania teacher's aide suspended for cross (The Washington Times)

Politics and law:

  1. Dobson: No plans to bolt GOP | But he's still upset that few Republicans supported Santorum (

  2. Prayer breaks tradition | Prayer Breakfast invocation, usually a minute-long prayer for God's blessing on the meal, lasted an estimated 15 minutes and evoked hot-button political issues such as abortion and homosexuality (Northwest Herald, Crystal Lake, Illinois)

  3. Religious wrong | God's role in the Republican assault on the environment (Hartford Advocate, Conn.)

  4. No time to get squeamish | Too many Americans have already died of AIDS to allow research to wither because some Americans get the willies from terms like "anal sex." (Nicholas D. Kristof, The New York Times)

Battle over Oregon's suicide law:

  1. Oregon defends assisted suicide law | Says U.S. Justice Department has no right to interfere with doctor-assisted suicide in Oregon because states have historically regulated the practice of medicine (Associated Press)

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