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July 2005
Volume 49, Number 7
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Table of Contents
And two more apostolic questions today's church must answer.
Eritrea ramps up brutal crackdown on Christians.
The leader of nearly 18 million Nigerian Anglicans challenges the West's theology and control.
A dying urban church found new life to be costly.
Quotations to stir the heart and mind.
After 50 years in ministry, Jack Hayford continues to confound stereotypes—all to the good.
Christ commanded us not to judge others, but aren't there times when common sense or prudence requires it? Asked by Stephen Hunt, St. Paul, Minnesota
Telling stories of U.S. morals through the prism of the Ten Commandments.
Why I wouldn't want to live there.
Religious freedom in Vietnam and China, Messianic Jews in Israel, and Millard Fuller.
Political priorities for citizens of the kingdom.
Recent stats on America as a Christian nation, creation and evolution, and liking Muslims.
Recent comments from Garrison Keillor, Jane Fonda, Chan Chandler, and Ken Salazar.
July 10 election could determine the church's status in this Muslim nation.
What the North Korean regime meant for evil, God used for good.
If Leviticus or Jude suddenly disappeared from Scripture, would we notice?
The Holy Land has always been treacherous.
Some remain politically neutral.
The local joke is that Gaza is hell. But that doesn't seem to deter ministry there.
Anti-religion group seeks to block federal funding of Alaska school.
House hesitates on sonograms.
Buddhist radicals seek to curtail Christian witness.
Curriculum critical of evolution nears approval in Kansas.
Deaths, promotions, and other items from the religion world.
Church fight pits venerable congregation against governing body.
Mother claims infant was born alive.
Top Story April 25, 2018
Rwanda Weeds the Church Plants
Rwanda Weeds the Church Plants
Thousands of churches closed in attempt to curb bad buildings—and bad preaching.