August (Web-only) 2007

Book Uncovers a Lonely, Spiritually Desolate Mother TeresaSubscriber Access Only
"There is no God in me," she wrote.
David Dockery on Christian Higher Ed's Key ChallengesSubscriber Access Only
Plus: Fearing secularization and "fundamentalization" and whether "Christian economics" exist.
Learning to BurnSubscriber Access Only
At a North Carolina film school for teenagers, it really is OK to "Burn" your movies.
Out of the DarknessSubscriber Access Only
After a long absence from making music, not to mention a series of tragedies—including a divorce and her daughter's suicide—CCM veteran Kelly Willard is back on the scene.
The Nanny DiariesSubscriber Access Only
Resurrecting the ChampSubscriber Access Only
When a Blessing Is a CurseSubscriber Access Only
Sometimes the most loving prayers are not all that nice.
Reductionist JusticeSubscriber Access Only
Where Job's friends went wrong about suffering.
September DawnSubscriber Access Only
Resurrecting IntegritySubscriber Access Only
Rod Lurie, director of Resurrecting the Champ, is a West Point grad who emphasizes ethics—especially honesty and integrity—in his movies.
Defining? Or Discerning?Subscriber Access Only
When trying to define "Christian music," perhaps it's best to look beyond simple labels and look instead to individual discernment.
Death at a FuneralSubscriber Access Only
The InvasionSubscriber Access Only
The Last LegionSubscriber Access Only
Why College Doesn't Turn Kids SecularSubscriber Access Only
Also: Richard Land on the footbath controversy, Falwell's big Liberty gift, and other stories about higher education and research.
The Spirituality of Potty Training
A Cry Like No OtherSubscriber Access Only
The spirituality of potty training.
Little House Meets Sin CitySubscriber Access Only
That's how screenwriter Geert Heetebrij describes The Interior, a unique new film about Christian missionaries that's being released in weekly episodes exclusively online.
Head Joins the BodySubscriber Access Only
Ex-Korn guitarist Brian "Head" Welch recounts his self-destructive rise to stardom, and the major changes in his life since praying to God for deliverance.
Rush Hour 3Subscriber Access Only
StardustSubscriber Access Only
On Not Transforming the WorldSubscriber Access Only
We have better and harder things to do than that.
Sports, for HimSubscriber Access Only
We're called to integrity in athletics—not just to opposing steroid abuse.
Bruce and the Almighty
Bruce and the AlmightySubscriber Access Only
Springsteen's religious imagery getting sharper.
A Doorway to New LifeSubscriber Access Only
Singer/songwriter Ron Block—who plays guitar and banjo for Alison Krauss and Union Station—reflects on his journey to find identity in Christ instead of his own talent.
South Korean Politicians Blame U.S. for Taliban HostagesSubscriber Access Only
Korean officials seek direct negotiations with kidnappers.
Becoming JaneSubscriber Access Only
The Bourne UltimatumSubscriber Access Only
UnderdogSubscriber Access Only
The TransfigurationSubscriber Access Only
Artists depict Jesus' meeting with Moses and Elijah.
After Taliban Kills Two Hostages, South Korea Pleads for CompromiseSubscriber Access Only
As another deadline passes, Taliban abductors make threats and Afghanistan warns of military action.
Spoiler AlertSubscriber Access Only
The Harry Potter craze suggests we're not telling the Christian story right.
Harry Potter 7 Is Matthew 6Subscriber Access Only
The young wizard may not have read the Bible, but someone else certainly did.
Christian Higher Education Goes to RussiaSubscriber Access Only
Plus: One more argument against U.S. News rankings, and Silver Ring Thing goes to Harvard.
Church Report Publisher Jason Christy Leaves Trail of Fraud, Associates SaySubscriber Access Only
Amid lawsuits, bankruptcy, convictions, and media attention, some wonder: Do his ventures even really exist?
My Mother's LegacySubscriber Access Only
Anne Graham Lotz remembers Ruth Bell Graham's stuffed-toy hedgehogs, unconditional love, and intense relationship with God.
Love Covers—or Discovers?Subscriber Access Only
Every cat knows some things need to be buried.
"She Made Christ Her Home"Subscriber Access Only
Ruth Graham tells about how her mother's childhood in China prepared her for ministry.
FauxliageSubscriber Access Only
In Christ AloneSubscriber Access Only

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‘Free in Christ’ to Defy State Closures? Latino Churches Offer Insight.
‘Free in Christ’ to Defy State Closures? Latino Churches Offer Insight.
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