Style: '70s-era gospel-funk; compare to Parliament, Sam Cooke, James Brown, Aretha Franklin

Top tracks: "I'm Drunk & I'm Real High (In the Spirit of God)," "Yes God is Real," "Like a Ship"

Numero Group continues to dig up overlooked gems, dust them off and preserve them on compilations. The archival label's newest release pairs with 2006's Good God! A Gospel Funk Hymnal, and it's not a bunch of leftovers. Kicking off with the Rev. T.L. Barrett's call-and-response groove "Like a Ship," each track showcases singers unashamed to sermonize while shaking what God gave 'em. "I Thank You Lord" recalls Shaft and "Everyday People," while "Same Thing It Took" is pure Aretha. Overall these remastered recordings sound surprisingly clear, though there's some occasional (but welcome) rawness. So put some funk back in your soul. You'll feel good.

Good God! Born Again Funk
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4 Stars - Excellent
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Release Date
January 1, 2010
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