January (Web-only) 2010

Edge of DarknessSubscriber Access Only
Mel Gibson makes his acting comeback as—what else?—an angry cop looking for the man who killed his daughter.
The Flannery O'Connor SchoolSubscriber Access Only
With his first feature film, That Evening Sun, writer-director Scott Teems wants to depict truth—even when it's ugly—and thinks all Christian filmmakers should aim for that.
Packer, UnpackedSubscriber Access Only
Timothy George attempts to interpret the great 'theologizer.'
Was the Bush Faith-Based Initiative a Failure?Subscriber Access Only
'In Jos We Are Coming Face to Face in Confrontation with Satan'Subscriber Access Only
The Anglican Archbishop of Jos speaks out on last week's deadly attacks and the media coverage that followed.
'Mongrel Gospel'Subscriber Access Only
Patty Griffin talks to CT about her new CD, an eclectic mix of country/bluegrass classics, African-American spirituals, ancient Catholic hymns, and a few originals.
Introducing Chris McClarneySubscriber Access Only
The Infinite OrderSubscriber Access Only
Birds & CagesSubscriber Access Only
UndisguisedSubscriber Access Only
Downtown ChurchSubscriber Access Only
Theodicy in Light of EternitySubscriber Access Only
Theologians see hope for the future based on the past.
LegionSubscriber Access Only
The archangel Michael is the only thing standing between God's wrath and mankind's extermination in this nonsensical abomination of a film.
Extraordinary MeasuresSubscriber Access Only
A father goes to great lengths to save the lives of his two children suffering from a life-threatening disease; if only the movie were as extraordinary as the true story that inspired it.
To Save a LifeSubscriber Access Only
Though it's the best-produced church-made film yet, this teen flick tries to tackle too many topics at once, muddling the story—and the transformative power of the gospel.
CreationSubscriber Access Only
This biopic of Charles Darwin gives a nice portrait of his personal life, but doesn’t adequately explore the origin of his ideas—and pits science and religion against one another.
Point of Crisis, Point of GraceSubscriber Access Only
Why it's crucial to recognize how little we're being transformed.
The Truth About the Religious Violence in Jos, NigeriaSubscriber Access Only
It's not easy to state who started it or how many died. But the horror for those affected is clear.
Helping Haiti HealSubscriber Access Only
Food for the Hungry explains the challenges it faces before it can begin to help Haiti recover from the earthquake.
Under the Rubber MaskSubscriber Access Only
He has donned prosthetics for Hellboy and Pan's Labyrinth, and will again as Frankenstein. With a cameo in Legion, Doug Jones talks about his work—and his faith.
Catholics Come Home?Subscriber Access Only
One of America's many "former Catholics," now an evangelical pastor, considers the latest New Evangelization initiative.
One Week After Haiti's Earthquake, New Challenges in HelpingSubscriber Access Only
World Vision's Laura Blank on what makes this relief effort different—and on being surprised by hymns.
Wake Up LoveSubscriber Access Only
End TimesSubscriber Access Only
Sweet ChariotSubscriber Access Only
ClimbSubscriber Access Only
Living Room Subscriber Access Only
What an Ancient Hebrew Note Might MeanSubscriber Access Only
Scholar says five lines of ancient script on a broken piece of pottery confirm Kingdom of Israel's existence in 10th century B.C. Others are cautious.
The Last StationSubscriber Access Only
The last days of literary legend Leo Tolstoy's life provide backdrop for a moving examination of the messiness of love.
The Book of EliSubscriber Access Only
Its brutal content is not for all tastes, but this thoughtful action movie finds Denzel Washington protecting the last copy of a very important book: the Bible.
Keeping the FaithSubscriber Access Only
Denzel Washington is more than just an Oscar-winning superstar. He's a Christian who's serious about his roles ... even when they get a bit bloody, like in the Book of Eli.
Why Organic Church Is Not Exactly a MovementSubscriber Access Only
If the driving force of any movement or phenomenon is not Jesus Christ, we are building castles in the air. A response to "Long Live the Organic Church."
Long Live the Organic Church: A ResponseSubscriber Access Only
We can live faithfully in the moment while attempting to transform society.
Fire in My BonesSubscriber Access Only
Love and the Lack ThereofSubscriber Access Only
Frio SuiteSubscriber Access Only
July FlameSubscriber Access Only
Sprinkle Playing FairSubscriber Access Only
Band's new album to follow in footsteps of solo and production career. Plus: Mambazo returns to America; Katy Perry getting married; and more.
Finding Meaning in the Pentateuch
Finding Meaning in the PentateuchSubscriber Access Only
Powerful endorsements bolster John Sailhamer's new tome on the Bible's first five books.
What Is Today's Greatest Moral Issue?Subscriber Access Only
It may not top the list for evangelical leaders, but sports made the front page for political groups this week.
Youth in RevoltSubscriber Access Only
Michael Cera shows both his naive and nasty sides in this adaptation of the cult classic novel.
Leap YearSubscriber Access Only
The Irish countryside is gorgeous, but the rest of this road-tripping rom-com is formulaic and flat.
Christian Retailers Seek Federal Probe of CompetitorsSubscriber Access Only
CBA asks Justice Department to investigate pricing by larger companies.
Q & A: Brit HumeSubscriber Access Only
The former news anchor for Fox News explains why he told Tiger Woods to turn to the Christian faith.
Long Live Organic Church!Subscriber Access Only
But what do we do if the world isn't transformed?
The Law Of GravitySubscriber Access Only
U2 Tops 2009 TourSubscriber Access Only
Irish rockers could top 2010 too, as new shows are already selling out. Plus: Brickman on PBS; Carman gets personal; Family Force 5's 2010 preview; and more.

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Singing the Songs of Injustice
Singing the Songs of Injustice
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