Style: Roots-reggae-jam rock; compare to State Radio, Ben Harper, Barefoot Truth

Top tracks: "Broken American," "Beto," "Valentine"

Dispatch's 2004 farewell concert drew an estimated 110,000, making it arguably the largest independent show in history. The trio's first studio work in 10 years, Dispatch—EP is a triumphant six-song sampler of the eclectic collective's wide spectrum. The raw, jagged funk of some early work is missing, but the updated polish nicely blends each member's solo strengths. Chad Stokes' (State Radio) staple roots-reggae delivery and sociopolitical commentary drive "Con Man." Pete Heimbold's Dylan-esque vocals slide across the acoustic groover "Valentine." And the Braddigan-led "Beto" showcases the professing Christian drummer's propensity for world beats and fighting poverty. Notice served: The little band that could still can.

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