Style: Art-pop with some jazz inflections; compare to Joni Mitchell, Peter Gabriel, Suzanne Vega

Top tracks: "Snowed in at Wheeler Street," "50 Words for Snow," "Misty"

Kate Bush's new album has a playful song—"Misty"—about a woman's romantic evening with a snowman, only to awake the next morning to wet sheets and a pile of twigs. Is the song a metaphor for mortality? Is it a fairy tale? Those questions are up for the listener to decide; what matters is that everything here is awash in romance, poetry, and play, whether Bush is singing from the perspective of a falling "Snowflake," hunting a Yeti in "Wild Men," performing a rapturous duet with Elton John in "Snowed in at Wheeler Street," or teaming with storyteller Stephen Fry to list 50 Words for Snow.

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50 Words for Snow
Our Rating
5 Stars - Masterpiece
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Release Date
November 21, 2011
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