October (Web-only) 2011

Halloween and the Werewolf Within
Two new Christian books embrace monster stories as ways to understand the human heart.
Did he, or did he not? Not is the answer in this costume drama of Shakespearean proportions.
In Time
In a land where the currency is time rather than money, fighting for justice means fighting for your life.
Holy Hot Flashes! A Spiritual Take on Menopause
How the mysterious life stage changes a woman's capacity to nurture others.
Tattooed Barbie: You've Come a Long Way!
Barbie is art imitating life (and vice-versa).
Finding Forgiveness in Africa
New documentary about reconciliation in Sierra Leone explores the peacemaking process.
A Real Christian Education
My daughter Penny reveals that academic success is not always connected to test scores.
The Power & The Glory
Live From Kegworth Studio
Mylo Xyloto
Bad As Me
'Just' a Stay-at-Home Mom
So I'm liberated from home life. But what if I 'want' to be there?
The Three Musketeers
Alexander Dumas' classic heroes return to the big screen—but you'll barely recognize them.
We're Just Friends. No, Really
Our culture - and church's - obsession with romance has crowded out the chance for real friendship between men and women.
Back to the Fathers
Every turn in Thomas Oden's theology took him further left, until he came face to face with Augustine and Wesley.
The Mill & the Cross
A 16th century Dutch painting, 'The Way to Calvary,' comes to life in this astonishing work of sacred art.
The Mighty Macs
An inspiring sports story of defying the odds falls short of its full potential.
Margin Call
Financial disaster movie explores the ethics of Wall Street
An entertaining family film that explores what it means to leave a meaningful legacy.
Exotic Animals and Kingdom Ethics
Principles for why we should avoid treating all animals as possessions.
Why Church Matters
How we can remind each of the need for the church to play a central role in our lives.
Invisible Empires
Come To the Well
I Have a Dream (It Feels Like Home)
All Things Will Unwind
One Voice
Broadway Stories
Love All the Way
The Big Year
Three of comedy's top stars are utterly wasted on a lame script and lousy direction. This one's for the birds.
A dumbed-down, sexed-up remake, shying away from critiquing the church but also from its Christian worldview.
Sports with a Deeper Purpose
Wheaton College's new athletics director responds to The Atlantic's controversial indictment of college sports.
Missionaries to Muslims Agree to Soften Criticisms of Each Other
Ten years after 9/11, the heated debate over contextualization is about to get more civil.
Wycliffe, SIL Issue Guidelines on Translating 'Son of God' Among Muslims
The term 'Son of God' should be retained, but not at the expense of comprehension, translating groups say.
Go Marry, Young Man!
Ted Cunningham argues that marrying young has its benefits.
An Open Letter to DC Comics
How to stop making it so hard for me to love you.
A Christian Response to Gay Bullying
Christians can defend bullied kids 'and' articulate God's design for human sexuality.
Say No to Negative Talk about Hispanic Americans
Christian discussion about topics like Rick Perry's tuition stance must include both compassion and justice.
Why It's Your Job to Break the Women's Ministry Stereotype
Sure, some of us are choking on cutesy things, but many of us are working towards a new model of discipleship.
Q & A: Ron Paul on Leaving the Episcopal Church, and Whether to Legislate Abortion, Narcotics, & Same-Sex Marriage
The congressman who won the Values Voters Summit straw poll tells CT that he believes marriage is a sacrament but laws cannot change morality.
Prophets Against Profits? What Occupy Wall Street Misses
The problem doesn't lie with the 1%. It's with us.
Deas Vail
Grumble Hallelujah on the Kitchen Floor
Why lamenting needs to be part of our Christian lives and our churchy conversations.
The Way
A poignant drama about the journey toward healing, wholeness, and the help we find along the way. PLUS: Interview with Martin Sheen & Emilio Estevez.
The Ides of March
A thriller not so much about politics as moral compromise, and the deterioration of one man's ideals.
Real Steel
A robotic, paint-by-numbers attempt at an inspiring dad-and-son sports movie.
Martha Marcy May Marlene
A haunting film about a young woman who joins a cult, flees, and deals with its after effects.
Taking a Break from Your Spouse
Research and experience confirm that time away from one's spouse actually strengthens the marital bond.
Interview: Martin Sheen Finds Transcendence
Veteran actor and son discuss the making of 'The Way,' opening this week.
John Ortberg Is My Dad, But Don't Call Me a PK
My siblings and I managed to avoid the perils that come with having famous Christian parents.
The Presence
Superb filmmaking elevates this spiritually-tinged but only slightly scary ghost story.
The Lost Notebooks of Hank Williams
K Is for Karaoke
Odd Soul
The One You Need
Beauty Queen Sister
Clear as Day
A Woman's Place in Christian Higher Ed
Surveying the new research on women leaders at CCCU schools.
Q & A: Mitch Daniels on the Economy, His Quiet Faith, and a Social Issues Truce
Why the governor of Indiana is ambivalent about "compassionate conservatism," sees fiscal responsibility as a moral issue, and still wants a truce on social issues.
When a Midlife Crisis Becomes Serious
And how the church can turn midlife into prime time for the entire community.

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The Sentence from C.S. Lewis That Could Change Your Life
The Sentence from C.S. Lewis That Could Change Your Life
Aslan is fictional, but the real Lion of Judah reminds us that we’re forgiven.

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