Style: Folk-inspired pop; compare to John Waller, David Gray, Bart Millard

Top tracks: "Turn Around," "Every Little Prison (Deliver Me)," "Heaven Help Me"

As one of the Catholicism's most evangelical singer/songwriters, Maher is equally at home performing at a college or coffeehouse as he is leading worship. Here, the tunesmith spreads the "blue collar gospel" by conveying themes of grace and redemption to the downtrodden. Musically, Maher's a little generic, though he really shines on the gritty acoustic rocker "Turn Around" and the Americana-inspired "Every Little Prison (Deliver Me)," offering comfort to weary. Overall, the project showcases Maher's ability to seamlessly switch between keyboard and guitar.

The Love In Between
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3 Stars - Good
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Release Date
September 20, 2011
Legacy Recordsings
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