Style: Indie roots rock with Americana flourishes; compare to Ben Harper, Dave Matthews Band, State Radio

Top tracks: "Flag," "Circles Around the Sun," "Get Ready Boy"

Often called the biggest band nobody's heard of, Dispatch returns hard-rollicking on its first full-length album in more than a decade. Gone is the reggae-funk of the band's early incarnation, but the stylistic variety and signature three-part harmonies are strong as ever. Folk- and blues-rock is most common, but the heavier grooved "Not Messin" hints at Beastie Boys. The prog-psychedelia of "Come to Me" is the weakest link. Themes of justice sound most loudly on "We Hold a Gun" and "Flag," with the latter spotlighting Native Americans, a group that drummer Brad Corrigan works with in his Christ-centered anti-poverty efforts.

Circles Around the Sun
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4 Stars - Excellent
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Release Date
August 21, 2012
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