Google saw a surge of Bible-related traffic in response to Friday's Supreme Court decision on same-sex marriage. Beyond generic Bible-related searches like Bible verses about marriage, the five queries I could identify with the largest absolute increases in volume were Sodom, Leviticus, End times, Abomination, and Romans 1.


The 24 hours following the Supreme Court decision produced 178,000 tweets that cited a Bible verse. Of those, approximately 40,000 (29%) mentioned verses commonly used to debate same-sex marriage.

By far the most-retweeted tweet was from singer AllyBrooke Hernandez, whose tweet supporting the decision received over 12,000 retweets that first day:

The most-retweeted evangelical leader addressing the decision was David Platt, who was retweeted over 3,100 times:

Here are the ten-most-popular verses tweeted in response to the decision:

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