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April 2017
Volume 61, Number 3
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Table of Contents
The Most Astonishing Easter Miracle
It’s not that Jesus rose bodily from the grave.
The ‘thief‘ may not be who you think it is.
A Catholic perspective.
A Protestant responds to Catholic critiques of ‘Grace Alone.’
How pastors, evangelists, and residents are sharing the Good News among the city’s ‘nones’ and Muslim refugees.
Putting Pastors to Pasture in Nigeria
Churches protest law requiring ministry leaders to resign after age 70 or 20 years.
Important developments in the church and the world (as they appeared in our April issue).
In the Muslim world, Christians have a complicated relationship with alcohol.
Moral Relativism Is Dead
Why outrage culture is good news for the gospel.
The lives of our greatest heroes often undermined the gospel they so eloquently preached.
The desire for social change is noble—if tempered by the gospel.
The Church's Three-Part Harmony
Why evangelical, sacramental, and Pentecostal Christians belong together in one body.
Journalist Ian Johnson sees faith on the rise where it was once ruthlessly suppressed.
From John Wilson, editor of ‘Education and Culture’ at
Instead of fighting injustice, we end up fighting each other.
In Every Issue
Responses to our January/February issue via letters, tweets, and Facebook posts.
All we are is his. And he is ours. What a glorious mystery.
My earthly father wrecked my life. Now my Heavenly Father is rebuilding it.
When God Makes Sunbeams Collide with Waterfall Spray
When God Makes Sunbeams Collide with Waterfall Spray
Rainbows signify something more than a post-Flood peace offering.