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Volume 63, Number 4
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About This Issue
The May 2019 issue highlights an often-overlooked group in US border communities: binational students. Largely in the country legally, high school and college students in cities like El Paso, Texas, nonetheless feel the amplified tensions surrounding the immigration debate. They often face difficult choices as they try to meet the expectations of two cultures at once, Mexican and American.
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Cover Story

Young Life at the Border
How youth ministries are reaching teens torn between Mexico and the US.


Worship God at All Times. If Necessary, Use Music.
It turns out the Bible’s idea of worship is mostly about posture, not music or praise.
Small Groups Anonymous
Why the best church small groups might take their cues from the Twelve Steps.
With All Your Heart, Soul, Wi-Fi, and Websites
Stephen Lowe offers a biblical defense of online spiritual formation.
We Set Off to Reach a Remote Tribe in the Amazon. Turns Out, They Were Waiting for Us.
As young Brazilian missionaries, we learned to depend on God and the people we journeyed to reach.


Repenting of Identity Politics
New Zealand revealed the tragic logical end of evils like Christian Nationalism.
Of Truth-Telling and Bridge-Building
How Jesus modeled relationships of surprising frankness and trust.
Bringing a Tent Peg to a Sword Fight
Why God sends his people into battle armed with the tools of everyday life.


Fitness Trackers, Dating Apps, and Other Ladders to Nowhere
Why secular substitutes for religion will always leave us exhausted and unhappy.
Lessons on Christian Rhetoric from Five of its Greatest Practitioners
If the enemies of truth employ the arts of persuasion, then lovers of truth have no choice but to employ them more effectively.
New & Noteworthy Books
Compiled by Matt Reynolds.
The Most Effective Response to Poverty? Worshipping the True God
Even more than better systems and better policies, we need better theology.
Why I Always Pray at the End of the Day
We didn't accomplish everything we should have. God reminds us we didn't need to.


Missions Experts Are Redefining ‘Unreached People Groups’
Fewer than 1 percent of missionaries end up among the world's least-Christian peoples. New categories aim to highlight the areas most desperate for the gospel.
Gleanings: May 2019
Important developments in the church and the world (as they appeared in our May issue).
How Palestine Divides Messianic Jews
The complexity of the situation even presents a challenge to Jewish Christian unity.

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Introducing CT's New President
Unbeknownst to me, I began recruiting my successor six years ago.
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Responses to our March issue.
I Marked People for Death. Jesus Marked Me for Life.
How a gang leader found salvation in prison.