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November 2019
Volume 63, Number 8
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About This Issue
Can a niche church—built around a single neighborhood, hobby, or demographic—be too niche? This issue's cover story explores the challenges of launching hyper-focused congregations in one of the hardest-to-reach communities in America: Disney World.
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Cover Story

Meet the Minnie Church
What happens when you plant a church only for Walt Disney World employees?


Pious Pledges and Consecrated Keggers
Can Christian fraternities and sororities redeem a campus culture bruised from hazing and drowning in alcohol?
The Necessary Partnership of Truth and Charity
How the concept of the 'via media' might help us restore civil discourse.
Christian Book Industry Had Another Rough Year, But Holds Out Hope
Store owners, publishers, and authors have faith despite the declines.
We’re Misreading the Bible on Laziness
Scripture warns against sloth—and against using it to explain away oppression.


The Cautionary Tale of Jerry Falwell Jr.
It’s time to remember the qualifications of biblical leadership.
The Cross Is Our Stairway to Heaven
Our salvation comes not from someone on our level, but from someone infinitely above it.
Knowing God’s Love is Impossible
At least for us. But for God, nothing is impossible.


Is Life Unsatisfying? Augustine Says, ‘You Are Not Alone.’
James K. A. Smith accompanies the church father on a journey through the human heart.
Andrew Peterson: Creativity Isn’t Just for ‘Creatives’
Artists and storytellers cultivate beauty and mystery. So do teachers, parents, and church potluck planners.
New & Noteworthy Fiction
Chosen by Elizabeth Musser, author of "When I Close My Eyes" (Bethany House).
Does God Have a Funny Side?
The more we take Scripture seriously, the more we’ll find ourselves laughing along with it.
5 Books That Help Us Understand Angels and Demons
Chosen by Graham Cole, author of "Against the Darkness: The Doctrine of Angels, Satan, and Demons" (Crossway).


The Latest Multisite Campus: Prison
Incarcerated Christians have heard the sermon about the Prodigal Son. Now they need church.
Christians Defend Cultural Heritage in Muslim-Majority Countries
In areas where minority faiths have carved out a peaceful coexistence, are governments willing to honor the full history also?

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