Each year that I’ve done this podcast, I’ve had the chance to connect with more and more listeners. It’s been such a gift to hear how this podcast has helped you all better understand the complexities and history of some of the biggest controversies in the Christian world. I am honored.

Once again, I wanted to highlight some episodes that have taught me something new or changed my own thinking. Man, we had good guests last year! Because I still stand by the words I wrote in last year’s list, I’ll just share them again here: “I hope that none of you listeners agreed with every single argument or point our guests made this year. Instead, I hope you’ve been challenged to reconsider something you already assumed to be true and that our conversation spurred you to lovingly engage in a hard conversation yourself and embrace curiosity over judgment.” Hope you’ll stay along for the next season of our show and maybe bring a couple of your friends with you. – Morgan Lee, co-host of Quick to Listen