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July/August 2022
Volume 66, Number 5
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About This Issue
Our cover story this month follows a handful of Ukrainians who left their country on the eve of war—or in some cases, years earlier—and who sensed they were in exile “for such a time as this.” Plus: laundromat ministries, sermon lengths, fighting compassion fatigue, Jesus and jazz, and more.
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Cover Story

They Fled Ukraine, and Ukraine Followed
Escaping Russian missiles, some exiled believers found a new sense of purpose helping refugees.


What Should We Do If Our Compassion Runs Out?
1 in 7 of my medical patients dies. But I don’t want to stop grieving or hoping.
Who Will Pay Africa’s Medical Bills?
Locals are increasingly running African mission hospitals. The next challenge: keeping foreign donors.
Disasters Often Bring Revelation Rather than Punishment
An 18th-century earthquake and a 21st-century pandemic can teach us about enlightenment and judgment.
Learning to Love Our Neighbor’s Fears
We aren’t all equally afraid of the same things. But Scripture’s wisdom can apply to all of us.
God Wanted Me When the Foster-Care System Didn’t
I bounced from home to home before finding the Father my heart yearned for.


How to Greet the End of ‘Roe’
Faithful responses to the Supreme Court decision should involve new care practices.
The Unexpected Parenting Comfort of Ecclesiastes
When the world calls everything unprecedented, God’s provision remains unchanging.
Can We Resurrect Expertise?
Suspicion of and pride from authority figures are not virtues.
Why We Preach for Proper Names
The local church is small and placed for a reason.
Taking the Lord’s Name in Vain Without Swearing
Institutions may break the third commandment to excuse their abuse.


The Gospel and All That Jazz
A theologian (and amateur musician) explores the connection between them.
The Christian Case for Reading Black Classics
Why James Baldwin, Toni Morrison, and other African American masters deserve an audience among all believers.
New & Noteworthy Fiction
Chosen by Amanda Dykes, author of “All the Lost Places,” “Yours Is the Night,” and other novels.
Cultural Diversity Isn’t a Problem to Be Solved
Different languages and ethnicities aren’t a consequence of sin, but a part of God’s plan.
5 Books for Getting to Know the Desert Fathers and Mothers
Chosen by Andrew Arndt, author of “Streams in the Wasteland: Finding Spiritual Renewal with the Desert Fathers and Mothers.”


Counting the Cost of Paying Ransoms for Missionaries
A Haiti kidnapping raises questions about no-payment practices.
Long Sermons Seem Longer in the Pews, Study Finds
But it’s not a new problem. Just ask Martin Luther.
Anglicans Lose 14 Properties in South Carolina Court Battle
And other brief news from Christians around the world.
Preach the Gospel Everywhere. When Necessary, Use Laundromats.
A different kind of “third place” ministry creates community and connections with washers and dryers.
Germany’s Nuclear Power Plants Are Closing. But Their Moral Questions Have a Long Half-Life.
What is the Christian position on radioactive accidents, technology, and replacing fossil fuels?

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