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April 2023
Volume 67, Number 3
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About This Issue
This month’s cover story delves into a specific facet of theodicy: animal suffering. Also in this issue: the history of missions in Haiti and how evangelicals can respond to today’s crisis, how the ‘daily quiet time’ may be hindering Bible fluency, and the story of God’s powerful work among Bhutanese Nepali refugees who are impacting American churches and communities.
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Cover Story

Why Does Creation Groan?
Scripture and science suggest that animal suffering fits into a divine artistic story.


Bhutanese Nepali Refugees Turn Their Trials into Zeal for Evangelism
Thousands found Jesus while displaced, which prepared them to plant churches and settle in a new land.
John 3:16: So Loved, So Familiar
We need fresh eyes for our faith’s basic teachings, no matter how long we’ve studied the Bible.
Is It Time to Quit ‘Quiet Time’?
Effective biblical engagement must be about more than one’s personal experience with Scripture.
I Was the Mole in a Family of Mallets
How God rescued me from a life of getting whacked.


What Evangelicals Owe Haiti
To understand the island nation’s crisis and what the church must do now, start with what we didn’t do.
Knowing the Future Doesn’t Cure Anxiety
Our true comfort comes in trusting in the one who holds tomorrow.
These States Are Devouring Widows’ Houses
A recent Supreme Court case reveals the injustice of property-tax debt forfeiture.


Tim Keller and Beth Moore, On and Off the Stage
Both leaders have huge followings. But how well do we really know them?
Shame Has Many Causes—and One Remedy
How to find freedom from cycles of navel-gazing and self-loathing.
New & Noteworthy Fiction
Chosen by Cathy McCrumb, science fiction writer and author of the Children of the Consortium series.
Shift Your Bible Reading into a New Gear
Jonathan Pennington has written the rare study aid that equips without oversimplifying or overwhelming.
5 Books About Contemporary Christian Martyrs
Chosen by Jerry Pattengale, coauthor of “The New Book of Christian Martyrs: The Heroes of Our Faith from the First Century to the 21st Century.”


At the UN, Evangelical Gaetan Roy Seeks to Serve
The new representative starts each conversation with an unusual question.
A Brief History of American Christians Fighting Sunday Mail
Gerald E. Groff is taking the postal service to the US Supreme Court. Behind him is a long line of sabbatarians.
‘The Evangelical Soul Is Not for Sale’ in Venezuela
And other news briefs from Christians around the world.
New Program Offers Accreditation for Child Safety Standards
An 80-point checklist provides churches with opportunities for accountability, awareness, and conversation.
Degree by Digital Degree, Christian Colleges Go Online
Evangelical schools are growing, but there are questions about the costs.

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