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May/June 2023
Volume 67, Number 4
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About This Issue
Our cover story this month delves into the intermingling of profits and praise, detailing how Sunday worship favorites (and their future royalties) have become popular investments in a multibillion-dollar industry. Also in this issue: the theological significance of singleness, a new video game in which players step into the sandals of the Savior, and the dangers of weaponizing forgiveness.
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Cover Story

Our Worship Is Turning Praise into Secular Profit
With corporate consolidation in worship music, more entities are invested in the songs sung on Sunday mornings. How will their financial incentives shape the church?


Eve’s Legacy Is Both Sin and Redemption
The first woman tried to get free of God. But when she aligned herself with God’s purposes, she became the ‘Mother of All the Living.’
How One Family’s Faith Survived Three Generations in the Pulpit
With a front-row seat to their parents’ failures and burnout, a long line of pastor’s kids still went into ministry. Why?
When Politics Saved 25 Million Lives
Twenty years ago, Republicans, Democrats, evangelicals, gay activists, and African leaders joined forces to combat AIDS. Will their legacy survive today’s partisanship?
I Find Comfort in the Divine Warrior
A surprising psalm changed my view on God’s presence during seasons of trial.
New Age Thinking Lured Me into Danger. Jesus Brought Relief.
He made himself real at a moment of intense spiritual fear.


The Authority of Scripture Is Not the Problem
Though authoritarians misuse it, the truth of God’s Word remains.
God Didn’t Have to Do Anything for Us
It’s easy to forget that even the smallest gifts point to incredible divine abundance.
The Danger of Forcing Forgiveness
We must be wary of wrongly using the biblical command in order to silence victims of abuse.
Christianity Is a Birth Story
From the Exodus to the Gospels, Scripture is shot through with images of labor pains leading to joy.


The Power and Peril of Spiritual ‘Evolution’ Stories
They can encourage people on similar journeys. They can also misconstrue one’s own.
What Singleness Reveals about the World to Come
Unmarried Christians can live as signposts of the new creation.
New & Noteworthy Books
Compiled by Matt Reynolds.
Conflict Between Science and Religion Is Always Possible but Never Inevitable
A new history challenges perceptions that the two are either completely autonomous or completely at odds.
Love, Joy, and Peace Are a Package Deal
Don’t ignore their ordering in Paul’s passage on the fruit of the Spirit.


‘I Am Jesus Christ’ Invites Gamers to Play God
But doing battle with Satan in the Savior’s sandals prompts some to press pause.
Pope Who Changed the Calendar Is Honored with an Asteroid
Gregory XIII joins Martin Luther, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, and many other Christians with an astronomical tribute.
Steven Curtis Chapman Ranked Alongside George Strait and Madonna
And other news briefs from Christians around the world.
Debate Flares Over the Meaning of ‘Indian Child Welfare’
As an evangelical couple fights adoption law, Native American Christians point to holistic answers.‌
Poetry, Photography, and Fleming Rutledge Led One American to Volunteer in Ukraine
A Maine man learns that discerning God’s call can be complicated.

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