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April 2024
Volume 68, Number 3
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About This Issue
Where women lead and toil—be it in the church or the home—continues to be a lively debate in ecclesial discourse. Are complementarians and egalitarians as opposed to one another as we think? For our April cover story package, one theologian argues for a resounding no and two female ministry practitioners—a complementarian and an egalitarian—issue a charge to each camp for preserving their respective movements. Also in this issue, staff writer Sophia Lee brings stories of a reconciliation ministry from Israel, news writer Daniel Silliman explains the latest debate within a new Methodist denomination, and theology editor Stefani McDade tells us why theologians are beginning to study the human body more closely.
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Cover Stories

Complementarian at Home, Egalitarian at Church? Paul Would Approve.
The biggest New Testament passages on gender roles may have more to do with marriage than ministry.
Will ‘Complementarianism’ Survive?
I want to continue to call myself a complementarian. But we need to reclaim the term.
Egalitarianism Is More Than a PR Statement
Are churches moving to an egalitarian model truly embracing female leadership?
Gender Roles Beyond the Western Church
Scott W. Sunquist calls the American church to observe the diversity in ecclesiologies around the world.


The First Apostle’s Unlikely Witness
Mary Magdalene was a recipient of grace with a story to proclaim.
What Kind of Man Is This?
We’ve got little information on Jesus’ appearance and personality. But that’s the way God designed it.
Fractured Are the Peacemakers
A Christian reconciliation group in Israel and Palestine warned that war would come. Now the war threatens their relevance.
I Wanted a Bigger God Than My Hindu Guru Offered
As my doubts about his teachings grew, so did a secret fascination with Jesus.


Our Gender on Earth as In Heaven
Will our gender be removed or renewed in the Resurrection?
Passover’s Promises for My Children
When I married into a Jewish family, antisemitism hit home. Now, the holy day reminds me of our future hope.
Heaven Isn’t Our Eternal Escape from Work
Only on our best days do we get a glimpse of the joyful labor to come.
The Sentence from C.S. Lewis That Could Change Your Life
Aslan is fictional, but the real Lion of Judah reminds us that we’re forgiven.


Churches Shouldn’t Outsource Apologetics to Slick Conferences
When it comes to defending the faith, local congregations have long been the first line of defense.
She Wrote Love Stories. Then Her Marriage Ended.
How a romance author journeyed with God through an unwanted divorce.
Confronting the 21st-Century Church with the First-Century Church
Nijay Gupta helps us rediscover the compelling strangeness of the earliest Christians.
O Ye of Overconfident Faith
Like the disciples, we need to learn the difference between trust in Jesus and spiritual cockiness.


Global Methodists Want to Check Bishops
Ahead of the first general conference, the new denomination is weighing possible limits on leaders.
Are the Global Methodists Evangelical?
Here’s why the new denomination may or may not fit the label.
In Search of Most Beautiful Language, Scholars Turn to ‘Jesus’ Film
And other brief news from Christians around the world.
Why Your Favorite Theologians Are All Talking about Theological Anthropology
Attention to bodies and cultural conflict has brought attention to the question of what it means to be human.
Where Worship Doesn’t Translate
How groups like Hillsong learned to let go of the literal in favor of creative collaboration.

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Novel Reactions to a Focus on Fiction
And other replies to the January/February issue.
The Kingdom Demands We Cross Tribal Lines
Secondary church issues have the potential to divide us, but we can choose to stay united as the body of Christ.