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March 2024
Volume 68, Number 2
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About This Issue
In the face of the horrific war begun by the October 7, 2023, Hamas attacks on Israelis, we ask: Why? For this issue, Mike Cosper, director of CT Media, traveled to war-torn places in Israel to learn about the harmful ideology that led to the violence against innocents. You’ll also read Southeast Asia editor Angela Fulton's exploration of controversies around “street language” Bibles and translated “bad words” in Scripture. News writer Emily Belz spent time in East Palestine, Ohio, after a catastrophe crippled the small town and tells how the church is doing crisis response. And don’t miss reflections on a year after the Asbury University revival from the school’s president and news editor Daniel Silliman’s weird Easter Bunny history.
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Cover Story

The Evil Ideas Behind October 7
The Hamas attacks in Israel have a grotesque ideological history and deserve unflinching moral judgment.


Empty Streets to the Empty Grave
While reporting in Israel, photographer Michael Winters captures an unusually vacant experience at the Church of the Holy Sepulcher.
Should the Bible Sound Like the Language in the Streets?
Controversy over Bibles in Jamaica, the Philippines, and Germany reveal the divide between the sacred and the relatable.
How Doubt Derailed a Train Town
After a major chemical spill in Ohio, disagreement tore close-knit East Palestine apart. Local churches are working to heal the ravages of mistrust.
I Hated ‘Church People.’ But I Knew I Needed Them.
As I attended my second funeral in three weeks, two Christians showed me a kindness I couldn’t explain.


What the Asbury Revival Taught Me About Gen Z
A year ago, I saw the cure for casual Christianity.
The Holy Sound Stuck Inside Your Head
We love a catchy song. God does too.
The Old Testament Foretells the Crucifixion. What about the Resurrection?
Even before the coming of Christ, a “third day” refrain runs through Scripture.
Political Homelessness Is a Good Start
We ought to remain pilgrims in a time of partisans.


The Bible Was Written to Be Heard and Spoken to Be Read
God’s Word has oral and textual dimensions, and we shouldn’t pit them against one another.
Can Christian Colleges Make the Grade?
An experienced evangelical educator sees challenges ahead—but opportunities too.
New & Noteworthy Fiction
Chosen by Jamie Lapeyrolerie, writer and editor for WaterBrook and Multomah.
The Surprising Practicality of Christian Philosophy
For believers, pursuing a philosophical life is the opposite of having your head in the clouds.
Five Books to Encourage Single Parents
Chosen by Anna Meade Harris, author of ‘God’s Grace for Every Family: Biblical Encouragement for Single Parent Families and the Churches That Seek to Love Them Well.’


An Orphan Took Over an Orphanage. Its Mission Changed.
Emanuel Nabieu was taken in by the Child Rescue Center 16 years ago. Now he is taking the organization in a different direction.
The Weird True History of the Easter Bunny
From Constantinople to “the Singing Cowboy,” the odd folk tradition of egg-delivering rabbits was invented bit by bit.
Medical Cost Sharing Ministry Stole Millions
And other brief news from Christians around the world.
Hackers Try to Take AI to Church
Colorado “hackathon” inspires search for algorithms to help Christian congregations.
Is the Pope Catholic? Then These Christians Say Don’t Pray with Him.
In Europe, evangelicals are divided over the right relationship with Rome.

More from this Issue

Seeing Stars, Not Light Pollution
And other responses to our December issue.
We Can’t Turn a Blind Eye to Harmful Ideologies
It’s critical that we understand how we got here.
Faithfulness Requires Risk
Every generation must sooner or later confront the challenges and opportunities of its time.