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Book Title (Most Recent)AuthorRating
Parr, Patrick4 Stars - Excellent
Hudnut-Beumler, James5 Stars - Masterpiece
Why Liberalism Failed (Politics and Culture)
Why Liberalism Failed
Deneen, Patrick J.3½ Stars - Good
Deere, Jack4 Stars - Excellent
What Are We Doing Here?: Essays
What Are We Doing Here?: Essays
Robinson, Marilynne3½ Stars - Good
Perkins, John5 Stars - Masterpiece
Glahn, Sandra (Editor)5 Stars - Masterpiece
Ryken, Philip5 Stars - Masterpiece
Xi, Lian4 Stars - Excellent
Holm, April E.4 Stars - Excellent
Malone, Dana M.4 Stars - Excellent
Miller, Christian B.2½ Stars - Fair
Griffith, R. Marie3 Stars - Good
Bowler, Kate5 Stars - Masterpiece
Kaemingk, Matthew4 Stars - Excellent
Ryrie, Alec4 Stars - Excellent
Christmas: A Biography
Christmas: A Biography
Flanders, Judith5 Stars - Masterpiece
Gregory, Brad S.2 Stars - Fair
Keates, Jonathan4 Stars - Excellent
Nelson, Tom4 Stars - Excellent
Martin Luther: A Spiritual Biography
Martin Luther: A Spiritual Biography
Selderhuis, Herman4 Stars - Excellent
Harline, Craig5 Stars - Masterpiece
Tucker, Ruth3½ Stars - Good
Minich, Joseph (editor)3½ Stars - Good
Mullen, Lincoln A.4 Stars - Excellent
Top Story April 25, 2018
Rwanda Weeds the Church Plants
Rwanda Weeds the Church Plants
Thousands of churches closed in attempt to curb bad buildings—and bad preaching.
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