This week Amazon released its docuseries Shiny Happy People about the reality-TV Duggar family. A few days later, televangelist Pat Robertson died. As Americans reflect on their obsession with media-shaped Christian celebrities, The Bulletin asks if it's any wonder that people are losing their religion?

In this week’s episode, hosts Mike Cosper and editor in chief Russell Moore talk with attorney and author Alex Harris about “the Joshua Generation,” his involvement in Shiny Happy People, and why—after all he’s seen—he’s still a Christian . CT’s editor of leadership resources, John Onwuchekwa, joins the conversation to discuss why people are losing their faith and the biblical characters who inspire Black and Brown communities to hold close to Jesus. Finally, Cosper and Moore reflect on Pat Robertson’s legacy, his influence and the power of television media to shape our beliefs and behaviors.

Joining us this week:
Alex Harris is an attorney and author. The son of homeschool pioneers and brother of former pastor and author Joshua Harris, Alex and his twin brother, Brett, created and wrote Do Hard Things: A Teenage Rebellion Against Low Expectations as teenagers. A graduate of Harvard Law School, Alex worked as a law clerk for US Supreme Court Justices Neil Gorsuch and Anthony Kennedy and was named to Forbes 30 Under 30 for law and policy. He and his family live in Denver, Colorado, and are members of Fellowship Denver Church. You can find him on Twitter.

John Onwuchekwa is an Atlanta-based author, preacher, and entrepreneur. He's one of the founding pastors of Cornerstone Church, cofounder of Portrait Coffee—both in the Historic West End of Atlanta. In addition, he has served as the codirector for Content and Coaching for the Crete Collective, an organization aimed at strengthening gospel works in distressed and neglected Black and brown communities. Most recently, John has become the director of leadership resources at Christianity Today. John is the author of Prayer: How Praying Together Shapes the Church and We Go On: Finding Purpose in All of Life’s Sorrows and Joys.

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