In today’s episode, we unwind the history of Amy Grant’s Heart in Motion. This recording soared to the top of the Billboard charts and into the hearts of millions. Host Charlie Peacock weaves a narrative that’s part celebration and part surprise. He reminds us that this Album of the Year–nominated pop masterpiece is still as fun as it was transformational. It's a moment to reflect, with a touch of playfulness, on the choices that reshaped Amy’s career and the dreams of many young artists. Could future artists love the Christian church and create the songs the whole world sings? Yes, indeed. They could and would. Heart in Motion blazed the trail.

At the hallowed Sound Emporium Studios in Nashville, we sit down with a trifecta of musical maestros, including Brown Bannister, Michael Omartian, and Keith Thomas, all Grammy Award–winning record producers. This trio didn’t just produce an album, though. They created a cultural phenomenon—one applauded and denounced. Unphased by the criticism, Amy and this trio of producers created a love letter to pop that has been cherished across the generations. Who doesn’t want to sing “Baby, Baby” in the shower or dance around the kitchen to “Every Heartbeat”? This episode is as “behind the scenes” as it gets. For example, did you know that “Baby, Baby” almost didn’t make the album—that Aretha Franklin was going to record it instead? Yep, that sort of stuff.

So, let’s roll the tape of Heart in Motion, spin some tales, and untangle the chords of its legacy. Join us as we laugh, ponder, and maybe even sing along to the rhythm of an iconic album that continues to move and groove us 30-plus years and countless heartbeats later.

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Interview Recorded at Sound Emporium Studios
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