Several months ago, Christianity Today’s past editor in chief Mark Galli announced his retirement, and Friday was his last day. This also means that Mark’s time as Quick to Listen co-host has concluded. In the interim, Christianity Today’s CEO and president, Timothy Dalrymple, will take the reins as co-host.

Christianity Today’s new editor in chief? Longtime pastor and writer Daniel Harrell, who most recently served as senior minister of Colonial Church in Edina, Minnesota. Harrell lost his wife Dawn unexpectedly last Easter and the aftermath of this death has been difficult.

“A big part of this next season of my life is devoted to her legacy and her love for words and theology and for Christ and wanting to live that well for her, for my daughter, and for myself,” said Harrell.

Harrell joined longtime host and digital media producer Morgan Lee and new host Tim to discuss his memories of Billy Graham, the themes of his three books on the Old Testament, evolution, and the saints, and what it’s like to hear a call to ministry at a frat party.

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The transcript is edited by Bunmi Ishola

Highlights from Quick to Listen: Episode #194

Hi Daniel. Let’s go a little bit biographical. Can you tell us about how you became a Christian?

Daniel Harrell: I grew up in the South in the 1960s, so ...

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