Super Tuesday is upon us. After a primary here and a caucus there, Tuesday is when the greatest number of US states hold primary elections and caucuses. As the Democratic field narrows down, what type of success have candidates had in reaching out to Christians?

The AND Campaign’s Justin Giboney and Michael Wear joined digital media producer Morgan Lee and CEO and president Tim Dalrymple to discuss the efforts that the Democratic field has made to reach religious voters, why white evangelicals vote so consistently for Democrats, and if Republicans will ever court black Christians.

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The transcript is edited by Bunmi Ishola

Highlights from Quick to Listen: Episode #202

Can you tell our listeners about the AND Campaign, so they can get an idea of where your heart is when it comes to political polarization and faith?

Justin Giboney: The AND Campaign is really trying to help Christians engage in politics more faithfully. It's a response to what we saw is really a false dichotomy in our political landscape, where it seems that we almost split the gospel.

We have social justice—progressives are about social justice, then on the other side, we have Republicans or conservatives, and they are about moral order. A lot of Christians felt uncomfortable because folks who are on the right sometimes felt like, “I feel like I'm compromising my compassion or neglecting ...

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