In recent weeks, we’ve entered a world without professional sports and millions of people forced to remain in their homes. In other words, we’re in a time ripe for a weird Netflix show to become a cultural artifact.

Enter Tiger King, a docu-series exploring the bizarre world of Americans who own exotic animals, including hundreds of tigers and lions.

But what makes big cats so alluring to people anyways? Part of it is their unique intelligence, says Mike Mooring, a professor of biology at Point Loma Nazarene who studies jaguars in Costa Rica.

“I think that from time immemorial, people have had both this primeval fear coupled with a fascination with the big cats because they're mysterious,” said Mooring. “They come and go. You don't know where they are. They are elusive. They kind of pop out of the night and then they disappear.”

Mooring joined digital media producer Morgan Lee and editorial director Ted Olsen to whether big cats can be tamed, what makes these felines special, and how studying wildlife in Southern Africa led him to Christ.

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Highlights from Quick to Listen: Episode #206

Let’s start this interview with you telling us about the first big cat that you saw up close and personal.

Mike Mooring: That's an interesting question because I must give the disclaimer that I'm not really a very good foil to Joe Exotic. ...

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