As production of The Rise and Fall of Mars Hill progressed, another story was developing—inside the walls of Christianity Today. On March 15, 2022, CT released the results of an independent report from Guidepost Solutions, which outlined institutionally tolerated sexual harassment and misconduct along with failures in reporting and monitoring. To the heartbreak of many, some of the unhealthy behaviors that were being explored on this podcast were endemic at CT as well.

If the story of Mars Hill is about more than a particular church, we must consider how the institutions we love and serve model similar failures. We must be willing to pursue justice and submit ourselves to the costly work of repentance and restoration.

In this episode of The Rise and Fall of Mars Hill, host Mike Cosper turns over the microphone to pivotal voices in the CT investigation, including whistleblower and online managing editor Andrea Palpant Dilley and CEO Tim Dalrymple. Learn how CT’s informal HR policies hurt the organization and how a “ministry as family” attitude enabled predatory behavior. Listen as well to how CT plans to move forward as it seeks to respond with transparency, fairness, and accountability.


“The Rise and Fall of Mars Hill” is a production of Christianity Today

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