José Rojas went from a 1.7 GPA to a career at the White House and a lifetime of empowering others, including the host of this podcast. Today’s episode is part one of “Lessons from My Mentor,” our new four-part, pod-class series on mentorship. To kick off the series Heather sits down with Pastor Rojas, her personal mentor, to discuss the power of servant leadership. José recounts his ministry journey and explains how he learned the importance of using his influence to create transformative memories for others.

We also visit with our favorite social media whiz Brady Shearer for this week’s #Blessed. He responds to a critical comment on his social media post about whether or not Christians should even have a social media strategy. You do not want to miss Brady’s advice for how to create more engaging social media posts. Make sure to let us know your thoughts about this segment by typing in ViralJesusPod on Instagram or Twitter and including #Blessed with your comment.

Guest Bios

Born in East Los Angeles, Pastor José Rojas serves as president of Puente Ministries, a ministry that exists to improve the cultures of organizations through the development of servant leaders. As a national leader, Pastor Rojas was called upon to work closely with the White House, serving under two US presidents to develop and implement a variety of humanitarian objectives that met the needs of millions of Americans. After serving in a presidential summit on volunteerism in 1997, Pastor Rojas worked with General Colin Powell to launch the national organization, America’s Promise Alliance, resulting in his office launching 70 tutoring centers for underprivileged children across the United States.

Brady Shearer is the director of Pro Church Tools and the church-software platform Nucleus. His work focuses on helping churches navigate the biggest communication shift in 500 years.

Host Bio

Heather Thompson Day is an associate professor of communication at Andrews University in Berrien Springs, Michigan. She is the author of eight books, including I’ll See You Tomorrow and It’s Not Your Turn. Reach out to Heather on Twitter @HeatherTDay and on Instagram @heatherthompsonday.

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