"He (Calvin) the most Christian man of his age."
--Ernst Renan, French Historian
"Calvin was one of those strong and consistent men of history who people either liked or disliked, adored or abhorred."
-- Lewis W. Spitz, Lutheran Historian
"To omit Calvin from the forces of Western evolution is to read history with one eye shut."
-- Lord John Morley English Scholar
"The sixteenth century was a great century. It was the century of Raphael and Michelangelo, of Spenser and Shakespeare, of Erasmus and Rabelais, of Copernicus d Galileo, of Luther and Calvin. Of all the figures that gave greatness to this century, none left a more lasting heritage than Calvin."
-- Georgia Harkness, Theologian
"Few great Christian leaders have suffered quite so much misunderstanding as John Calvin. He has often been dismissed as a theologian without humanity. In fact, the very reverse is much nearer the truth … . He was a man of deep and lasting affection, passionately concerned for the cause of Christ in the world; a man who burned himself out for the gospel."
-- Banner of Truth Trust
" … Calvin made such a mark upon his age and, even beyond it, exercised an influence which does not yet seem likely to decline. Even more than a thinker, … he was a leader of men."
-- Francols Wendel, Historian
"The Genevese should bless the birthday of Calvin."
-- Montesquieu, Eighteenth century Philosopher and Political Theorist
"The longer I live the clearer does it appear that John Calvin's system is the nearest to perfection."
-- Charles Haddon Spurgeon, English Preacher
"The strength of that heretic [Calvin] consisted in this, that money never had the slightest charm for him. If I had such servants my dominion would extend from sea ...
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