Charles Finney

1792: Born: Warren, CT, Aug. 29, 1792

1808–1812: Schoolteacher in Henderson, New York

1812–1814: Works on his uncle’s farm in Warren, Connecticut

1814–1815: Schoolteacher in New Jersey

1818–1821: Works in the law office of B. Wright in Adams, NY

1821: Converted to Christ

1824: Ordained

1824: Marries Lydia Root

1824–1825: Beginning of revivals in small New York towns

1826–1827: Revivals in NY “Burned-over District”; New Measures arouse controversy

1827: April: New Lebanon Conference

1828: Helen Finney born

1830–1831: Great Rochester revival, national recognition, high point as a revivalist

1830: Charles Finney Jr. born

1832: Frederic Finney born

1832–1836 Pastor, Chatham Street Chapel, NYC

1834: Julia Finney born

1836–37: Becomes pastor of Broadway Tabernacle, and professor of theology at Oberlin College

1837: Resigns Broadway Tabernacle pastorate

1840–1848: Preaching tours: Boston, New York City, etc; perfectionist message, growing criticism of Oberlin

1843: Delia Finney born

1843–44 Winter: Finds second blessing in Boston

1846–47: Publishes vols. 2 and 3 of Systematic Theology

1847: Lydia Finney dies

1848: Marries Elizabeth Atkinson

1849–1851:The Finneys travel to England for revivals

1851: Elected president of Oberlin College

1851–1857: Tours Boston, NY City, Hartford, Rochester

1859–60: Second trip of three to ENGLAND; work in SCOTLAND

1860–75: Teaching and preaching at Oberlin

1863: Elizabeth Finney dies

1865: Marries Rebecca Allen Rayl

1866: Resigns as Oberlin president; continues to teach theology

16 August 1875: Dies at Oberlin at 82 years

The United States

1787: Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia

1788: Constitution ratified

1789: First Federal Congress

1790: Benjamin Franklin dies

1794: US Navy established

1794: Thomas Paine writes ...

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