Charles Finney

1792: Born: Warren, CT, Aug. 29, 1792

1808–1812: Schoolteacher in Henderson, New York

1812–1814: Works on his uncle’s farm in Warren, Connecticut

1814–1815: Schoolteacher in New Jersey

1818–1821: Works in the law office of B. Wright in Adams, NY

1821: Converted to Christ

1824: Ordained

1824: Marries Lydia Root

1824–1825: Beginning of revivals in small New York towns

1826–1827: Revivals in NY “Burned-over District”; New Measures arouse controversy

1827: April: New Lebanon Conference

1828: Helen Finney born

1830–1831: Great Rochester revival, national recognition, high point as a revivalist

1830: Charles Finney Jr. born

1832: Frederic Finney born

1832–1836 Pastor, Chatham Street Chapel, NYC

1834: Julia Finney born

1836–37: Becomes pastor of Broadway Tabernacle, and professor of theology at Oberlin College

1837: Resigns Broadway Tabernacle pastorate

1840–1848: Preaching tours: Boston, New York City, etc; perfectionist message, growing criticism of Oberlin

1843: Delia Finney born

1843–44 Winter: Finds second blessing in Boston

1846–47: Publishes vols. 2 and 3 of Systematic Theology

1847: Lydia Finney dies

1848: Marries Elizabeth Atkinson

1849–1851:The Finneys travel to England for revivals

1851: Elected president of Oberlin College

1851–1857: Tours Boston, NY City, Hartford, Rochester

1859–60: Second trip of three to ENGLAND; work in SCOTLAND

1860–75: Teaching and preaching at Oberlin

1863: Elizabeth Finney dies

1865: Marries Rebecca Allen Rayl

1866: Resigns as Oberlin president; continues to teach theology

16 August 1875: Dies at Oberlin at 82 years

The United States

1787: Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia

1788: Constitution ratified

1789: First Federal Congress

1790: Benjamin Franklin dies

1794: US Navy established

1794: Thomas Paine writes The Age of Reason

1796: Tennessee becomes a state

1799: George Washington dies

1800: US capitol moves from Philadelphia to Washington DC

1801-1805: Triopolitan War: War with Tripoli

1803:Louisiana Purchase by Jefferson ends French rule in N America

1804: Alexander Hamilton killed by Aaron Burr in a duel

1805:US and British relations broken over trade with West Indies

1807: US Embargo Act against England and France

1808: US prohibition against importation of slaves from Africa

1811: Wm. Henry Harrison defeats Chief Tecumsah at Tippecanoe, IN

1812: Louisiana statehood

1812-1814:War of 1812 with England

1814: British burn Washington DC

1815: War of 1812 ends with Treaty of Ghent

1815: Battle of New Orleans won by Andrew Jackson: “Old Hickory”

1816: American Bible Society founded

1816: Indiana statehood

1817: Mississippi statehood

1818: Illinois statehood

1817–1818: Seminole Wars

1819: First steamship crossing of the Atlantic

1819: Alabama statehood

1820: Missouri Compromise:

1820: Maine statehood—free state

1821: Missouri statehood—slave state

1822: Boston gets gas lights

1823: The Monroe Doctrine ends colonial settlement in US

1825: Erie Canal opens

1828: Baltimore and Ohio Railroad begun

1828: Noah Webster’s Dictionary

1830: Joseph Smith founds Mormon Church

1831: Virginia slave revolt—55 whites massacred

1832: New England Antislavery Society founded

1833–1837: Financial panic

1834: McCormick Reaper

1835: Colt revolver

1836 Samuel Morse’s telegraph

1836: Battle of the Alamo

1836: Arkansas statehood

1837: Michigan statehood

1838: Underground Railroad starts

1845:Texas and Florida statehood

1846–1848: Mexican-American War

1846: Iowa statehood

1848: California gold rush

1848: Wisconsin statehood

1850: The “Great Compromise” over issue of slavery in new states

1850:California statehood

1851–1863: US Capitol built

1851: Melville’s Moby Dick

1852: Stowe’s Uncle Tom’s Cabin

1853: New York-Chicago rail link

1854: Gadsden Purchase: S. New Mexico and Arizona

1854: “War for bleeding Kansas” over state slavery rights

1856: John Brown massacres pro-slavery supporters in Kansas

1858: Minnesota statehood

1858: The Lincoln-Douglas debates

1858: Nationwide prayer meetingrevivals

1859: Oregon statehood

1861: Kansas statehood

1861-1865: The Civil War

1863: W. Virginia statehood

1863: Emancipation Proclamation

1864: Nevada statehood

1865: Lincoln assassinated

1866: Transatlantic telegraph

1867: Nebraska statehood

American Presidency

1789–1796: George Washington

1796–1800: John Adams

1800–1809: (2 terms) Thomas Jefferson

1809–1817: (2 terms) James Madison

1817–1825: (2 terms) James Monroe

1825–1829: John Quincy Adams

1829–1837: (2terms) Andrew Jackson

1837–1841: Martin Van Buren

1841: William Henry Harrison Harrison dies in office

1841–1845: John Tyler

1845–1849: James K. Polk

1849-1853: Zachary Taylor

1851–1853: Millard Fillmore

1853–1857: Franklin Pierce

1857–1861: James Buchanan

1861–1865: Abraham Lincoln

1865–1869: Andrew Johnson

1869-1877: (2 terms) US Grant

World Events

1794: Slavery ended in French colonies

1796: Spain declares war on Britian

1796: English smallpox vaccination

1797: Admiral Nelson defeats Spanish fleet

1798: French capture Rome

1798: Nelson defeats French fleet

1799: Discovery of Rosetta stone

1800: Volta invents electric battery

1800: Napoleon conquers Italy

1802: Peace of Amiens between England and France

1804: Napoleon crowned emperor

1805: Battle of Trafalgar

1807: English abolish slave trade

1809: Composer Franz J. Haydn dies

1810: Napoleon’s zenith of power

1812: French invade Russia

1814: First Anglican bishop in India

1815: Napoleon defeated at Waterloo

1815: Brazilian independence

1816: Argentinian independence

1821: Napoleon dies

1821: Champollion deciphers hieroglyphics using the Rosetta stone

1824: Bolivar becomes emperor, Peru

1825: First English passenger railroad

1825: Nicholas I--Russian czar

1827: Ludwig Beethoven dies

1829: Slavery abolished in Mexico

1830: Polish uprising against Russia

1830: Revolution in Paris

1831: Belgian independence

1831: Darwin sails on expedition

1831: Faraday demonstrates electromagnetism

1833: Slavery abolished in Britain

1837–1901: Queen Victoria reigns

1841: Hypnosis discovered

1841–1842: The Opium War between England and China

1844: Wood-pulp paper invented

1848: Revolutions in France, Germany, Italy

1848: Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto

1851: Victoria, Australia, proclaimed a separate colony

1851: Cuba declares independence

1853–1856: Missionary William Livingston crosses Africa

1856: Anglo-Chinese War begins

1857: English Navy destroys Chinese fleet

1858: Ottawa becomes Canadian capitol

1860: Lenoir’s internal-combustion engine

1861: Dickens’ Great Expectations

1862: Bismarck becomes Prussian prime minister

1863: French capture Mexico City

1867: Russia sells Alaska to US

1869: Opening of Suez Canal