William Carey

1761-1792, Cobbler and Pastor in England

1761 Aug. 17, Carey born at Paulserspury, Northamptonshire

1773 Teaches himself Latin

1775 Becomes apprentice shoemaker; religious talks with John Warr

1776 Dec., conscience stricken over stolen shilling, begins serious spiritual search

1779 Feb., leaves Church of England; Sept., apprentices with Thomas Old

1781 Marries Dorothy “Dolly” Plackett

1782 June, begins preaching every other week; daughter Ann born

1783 Oct.,baptized by John Ryland, Jr.; daughter Ann dies; seriously ill and loses hair; Dec., when Thomas Old dies, takes over business and cares for Old’s family

1785 Son Felix born; summer, fails trial sermon for ordination; Aug., begins pastoring in Moulton on trial basis; reads Captain Cook’s Journals and begins thinking about missions

1787 Aug., ordained; Oct., baptizes his wife, Dorothy

1788 Son William, Jr., born

1789 Begins pastorate at Baptist church in Harvey Lane, Leicester; son Peter born

1791 Daughter Lucy born?

1792 May 12, publishes An Enquiry on missions; May 31, preaches “Expect great things, attempt great things” sermon; Oct. 2, helps to found Baptist Missionary Society (BMS); daughter Lucy dies

1793-1834, Missionary and Professor in India

1793 Jan. 9, commissioned as missionary to Bengal; May? son Jabez born; June 13, sails from Dover with family; Nov. 11, arrives in India

1794 Feb., settles in Sundarbans jungle; June, moves to Mudnabatti to manage indigo factory; Oct., son Peter dies; suffers attack of malaria

1795 Mar., Dorothy slips into delusions

1796 Son Jonathan born

1797 Completes draft of Bengali New Testament

1799 Summer, moves to Kidderpore; Oct., William Ward, Joshua and Hannah Marshman, and others arrive

1800 Jan., moves to Serampore, helps organize ...

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