Today in Christian History

November 10

November 10, 1483: German reformer Martin Luther is born in Eisleben, Germany. (see issue 34: Luther's Early Years).

November 10, 1770: French anti-Christian philosopher Francois Voltaire utters his famous remark, "If God did not exist, it would be necessary to invent him."

November 10, 1871: After seven months of searching, American journalist Henry Stanley finally finds Scottish missionary David Livingstone in Ujiji, Central Africa, and utters his famous introduction, "Dr. Livingstone, I presume." The relationship between the two men led to Stanley's conversion and decision to become a missionary (see issue 56: David Livingstone).

November 10, 1908: Ten years after Samuel Hill and John Nicholson met in Boscobel, Wisconsin, to begin what would become Gideons International, the organization places its first Bible in a room at the Superior Hotel in Iron Mountains, Montana (see the bonus article "Who Put the Gideon Bible in Your Hotel Room" in issue 31: The Golden Age of Hymne).

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June 21, 1607: English settlers found the first Anglican (later Episcopalian) parish in America at Jamestown, Virginia.

June 21, 1892: Reinhold Niebuhr, American neo-orthodox theologian and ethicist, is born. He rejected some of the optimism of Christian liberalism, arguing for origional sin and for a prophetic, culture-challenging Christianity, but his liberal views on politics, the Bible, and the nature of Christ (he believed Jesus was a moral exemplar, but not fully God) distanced him from conservatives. ...

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