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Believing in Doubt

Tim Keller says both believers and unbelievers need to confront questions about Christianity.

First Things' managing editor interviewed Tim Keller on the occasion of his new book, The Reason for God: Belief in an Age of Skepticism, which Keller calls "Mere Christianity for Dummies." The table of contents is a list of common doubts about what orthodox Christians believe, which Keller answers in short, accessible arguments.

Keller says his motive in starting to write it was to lay out the big ideas behind what he had been preaching as a resource for members of his church, Redeemer Presbyterian. "And I think probably the other thing was this thing called aging," he told Anthony Sacramone.

While the interview loops back to the significance of denomination and affiliation, it also covers a broad range of topics. Some of the ground they covered:

On how this is different from the world Mere Christianity was broadcast in:

Lewis definitely lived at a time in which people were more certain across the board that empirical, straight-line rationality was the way you decided what truth was, and ...
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