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South Carolina's Religion Question

Obama sweeps all categories in church attendance.
Ted Olsen|

Not much religion news out of the exit poll data last night. Once again, Democrats were not asked if they consider themselves born again or evangelical, even though Republicans were asked the question last week. The only religion question was church attendance:

The speeches had a bit of religion talk too. Obama talked about the principalities and powers (not his phrase) he's battling against:

What we've seen in these last weeks is that we're also up against forces that are not the fault of any one campaign but feed the habits that prevent us from being who we want to be as a nation. It's a politics that uses religion as a wedge and patriotism as a bludgeon, a politics that tells us that we have to think, act, and even vote within the confines of the categories that supposedly define us, the assumption that young people are apathetic, the assumption that Republicans won't cross over, the assumption that the wealthy care nothing for the poor and that the poor don't vote, the assumption that ...
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