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Newsbites: The time travel edition!

1. Mike Newell is attached to direct The Box of Delights, an adaptation of a 1930s children's novel "about a boy entrusted with a magic box that allows him to travel through time", among other things. The story was previously adapted for British radio in the 1940s and for British TV in the 1980s. – Variety, Hollywood Reporter

2. Disney has picked up Wouldn't It Be Nice, a family comedy about "a teenage couple who, just before they plan to run away together and pursue their dreams, are magically zapped 20 years into the future only to discover that their lives didn't necessarily turn out as expected. In their mid-30s but with teenage minds – and dealing with three kids and everyday worries – they learn that maybe they weren't as grown up as they once thought." If they are zapped into the present day, then presumably they were teenagers in the late 1980s or early 1990s – so why is the movie named after a 1960s pop song? Oh, and question: If they discover that they weren't "ready" to be married after all, what will they do if and when they return to their original age and original time? Will they decide not to get married and have kids – in effect, blotting out the existence of the three children that they had been dealing with for the bulk of the movie? I'm getting a certain The Family Man (2000) vibe here. Or, if you prefer, this movie could turn out to be the polar opposite of Back to the Future (1985). – Hollywood Reporter

3. Groundhog Day (1993) director Harold Ramis says a stage musical version of that movie is in the works. – MTV Movies Blog

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