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'Stop Stereotyping Us,' Demand Distressed Asian American Evangelical Leaders

After Rick Warren and Exponential jokes go awry, more than 80 leaders explain why they are 'weary, hurt, and disillusioned.'

Distress among Asian American evangelicals, sparked by recent failed attempts at humor by Rick Warren and a church planting conference, has proven to be more than the typical Internet flash in the pan.

Approximately 700 people have signed on to an open letter arguing to the wider evangelical church that its Asian American segment "continues to be misunderstood, misrepresented, and misjudged." The letter, released by more than 80 Asian American Christian leaders, states, "We are weary, hurt, and disillusioned by the continuing offensive actions."

The letter's main point (full text below): Asian stereotyping among American evangelicals is common, and "it has to stop."

After a Red Army-related Facebook photo by Warren and a Karate Kid-related skit by Exponential occurred in short succession, outcry was swift among Asian Americans on blogs and social media.

Exponential promptly apologized, as did Warren. But statement organizers—including ...

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