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Ministers of Minneapolis:

Minneapolis is the seat of Hennepin County. most immediately these two names create mental images. Minnehaha Falls, inspiration for Longfellow's immortal Song of Hiawatha . . . warm, friendly neighborhoods filled with people by the name of Swenson, Johnson and Carlson . . . fire hydrants making their presence known by marking flags attached to long poles that poke their way up through mounds of snow. Hennepin County is mid-America . . . well, north mid-America.

Perhaps mid-America isn't the place to analyze any particular group of professionals and then generalize about them or their professions. But we found ourselves intrigued by a survey of Hennepin County pastors and priests sponsored by the Minneapolis Star (a highly respected daily). From a directory of 1,000 clergy names, 301 individuals were randomly selected and personally interviewed about "how they viewed themselves and their ministry."

Released over a year ago, this survey could not have come at a better time. Most religious ...

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