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A Message from the Publisher: January 01, 1981

Right in the middle of our putting this issue on success together, we received a letter from Bill De Leo of Maryland which said, among other things: "I'm a tragedy. I have such a bundle of feelings inside it's difficult to express them.

"I read avidly. I read searching to find a place for me in the center ring. Reading LEADERSHIP frustrates the daylights out of me. My head spins after each issue. The answers are inspired- too inspired.

"My Sunday morning Bible study is the most eventful thing in my life. The people there have made dramatic steps forward in their Christian walks. And I know LEADERSHIP's writers would tell me this is the heart of a satisfying ministry. But it isn't enough for me.

"There are a lot of beautiful, committed, unsuccessful people ministering out here. And, like me, they're not likely to find a place of recognition in the church world.

"I first awakened to my agony of thwarted ambition late one evening last summer. My heart throbbed with every thump of my running shoes ...

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